Perfect Vue Fishing Report.

October 13, 2015
Reports say that fish are being caught in Picton Bay. Nothing huge but 4-5 pounders are regular. Still catching some fish out in the lake but looks like they have moved on from the shoals on the lake which means thet should be heading in to the bay.

September 21, 2015

There is not much happening in the bay. Reports are saying a couple of fish here and there but overall it is slow. The big lake on the other hand is producing lots of walleye. Big limits most days from the guys I know fishing out there. You know it won't be long now before those fish start moving in!!

August 31, 2015

Fishing is pretty good. Fish have followed their typical patterns and are now mostly around Mallory Bay. The weeds will stop producing oxygen soon and a lot of the fish will move to deeper weedlines. I know one of the guides on the bay is casting deep weedlines where there is healthier weeds.

I have also heard the walleye are showing up on the shoals in the big lake. I know a few people that have been catching large fish, including a 13 pounder! Holding that in shorts and a t-shirt is a beautiful thing!!

August 6, 2015

It was certainly a busy long weekend here at Perfect Vue! We had our annual Legends of Perfect Vue Memorial Derby as well as the catamarans were in for the night!.

We posted pictures of the fishing derby on our Facebook Page. Make sure you Like Our Page while you are there. Have a look and see if you see yourself! If you weren't here you can see all the fun you missed and plan to be here next August long weekend!!

The results of the 2015 Perfect Vue Memorial Derby
  1. The Easterbrooks 15.0#
  2. Yankee Dave and Yankee John 14.5#
  3. Tyler, Tom and Noel 14.5#
  4. Duke and Sue 13.9#
  5. Wally, Pat and Hayden 12.7#
We added a new hidden weight for the total weight of the 4 fish. This year Superdad and Laker John were within 1 ounce for the win!

The derby was a great success with lots of fish weighed in. The bite held on and there were lots of happy fisher people!

Late afternoon saw the Catamarans make the annual stop at Perfect Vue. Take a look at the pictures we grabbed of these awesome boats! They were off in the morning to finish their race to Kingston. We do enjoy having them here every year!

July 26, 2015

Well after a quick visit to the East Coast I got back on Thursday with reports of the fishing still being slow.

Then on Friday the fish decided they were hungry and the weekend had some good limits brought in by several of the campers.

The cottages were pretty busy with a lot of US plates in the parking lot. Lots of smart Americans taking advantage of our weak dollar!

Our derby is this coming weekend so hopefully the fish stay co-operative. They certainly are not jumping in the boat but at least they are biting!!

July 14, 2015

Hello and thanks for checking out our fishing reports. We will be bring you these reports every 1-2 weeks to allow you to keep a pulse on what is going on with the fishing here at Hay Bay and the Bay of Quinte.

We monitor several fishing boards, talk with the seasonal and weekend campers here at Perfect Vue as well as a couple of guides in the area. We will let you know what we are hearing so you have a head start once you get here.

This sure is a strange year. A buddy at camp was out end of last week and got stopped by the MNR doing a study. He asked what was going on with the fishing and they said it was the cool nights. All I know is the fish have had no interest in what we have been offering.

Hopefully things turn around. Until then I will keep my ears open and let you know if I hear of any fish being caught.

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